Going Dairy Free

My first complete dairy free day is finally behind me. I’ve been thinking about this for a couple of months, but for some reason couldn’t get myself motivated. I was in the grocery store the other day and picked up some vegan butter, and I guess that pushed me over the top.

Okay, if I publish this somewhere and people who know me read it for some reason, they’ll probably be a little freaked out at this point, so let me clear this up right now – I am not vegan, I am not vegetarian, and I still like women. I’m a hunter and a meat eater. Some background on why I’m not eating dairy: As many of you already know, I’ve been interested in the paleo diet for a couple of years now. The details of paleo diet are a little beyond the scope of this entry, but it’s mostly about eating meat, fresh fruit and vegetables, and nuts. We’ll condense the rules of the paleo down to two easy tests – before you eat something, ask 1) if I went outside seeking food could I obtain this with only primitive tools? And 2) is this safe to eat in it’s raw state (meaning, is it non-poisonous when raw, not does it contain parasites. Chicken passes this test. Potatoes do not.) Now, these rules are oversimplifications, but when you understand the finer points of paleo eating these become good guidelines. Most modern paleo eaters do not consider dairy to be acceptable.

On at least two separate occasions I’ve attempted to follow the paleo diet strictly. Once I think it lasted a couple of weeks, and that was the more successful attempt. I haven’t lost hope that someday I might be able to follow a paleo eating schedule, I’ve just come to realize that I need a new approach – slowly phasing out the unacceptable foods. To be clear, I don’t plan on ever following the paleo diet 100% – which is to say I won’t ever do it 100% of the time, and I won’t follow 100% of the rules. Dairy and soy will likely always play at least a small part in my diet.

And so I begin again the transition to a more paleo type diet. I decided to begin with dairy products because recently I’ve noticed they make me feel like crap. Every time I eat ice cream or something really cheesy I end up feeling very congested. I get a build up of pressure in my head I would normally associate with a cold. It’s gone by the next morning.

Yesterday was my first complete dairy free day. It should have been the day before yesterday, but I accidentally ate some crab rangoons with dinner. Even yesterday I was tempted to put the whole thing off another day so I could eat some creamed spinach. Man, this is going to be hard.

My favorite part of not eating dairy is going to the super market and buying vegan butter, soy milk, steaks, and bacon.

My initial goal is to stay off the dairy for 1 month. I may occasionally update some sort of journal, but that seems unlikely.

Gluten is next on the hit list.

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