27 Rules for Diets

Just to be clear, I don’t follow these rules.  Not even close.  It’s just a list I’ve compiled over years of researching different diets.  Most of it is based on a paleo approach to eating.  I strive to follow as many of these rules as I can, but I find it impossible.

  1. No calories from beverages (except occasional alcohol)
  2. No added sugar in any form – refined, corn syrup (especially HFCS), etc.
  3. 3 to 6 meals per day
  4. Drink at least 4 liters of water per day
  5. Favor green tea over coffee
  6. Avoid artificial sweeteners, colorings, preservatives, flavor enhancers (MSG)
  7. No grains, especially gluten grains (No corn, rice, wheat, soy, etc)
  8. No legumes (peanuts, beans)
  9. Eat lean meats, nuts, fruits, and vegetables
  10. Don’t add salt to food
  11. Eat nothing deep fried
  12. Do not eat white potatoes (occasional sweet potatoes are okay)
  13. Avoid dairy products
  14. Avoid anything packaged in a box, wrapped in plastic, or found in the center of a grocery store (Factory food)
  15. When consuming sugar (fructose) it must be accompanied with fiber (Eat a carrot, don’t drink carrot juice)
  16. Favor low Glycemic Load (not Index) fruits and vegetables
  17. Do not eat trans fats
  18. 5-A-Day the color way (Blue/Purple, White, Red, Green, Yellow/Orange)
  19. Favor locally grown, fresh, organic produce.  Grow your own if possible.
  20. Balance diet toward alkalinity
  21. Eat lean protein within 1 hour of exercise
  22. Avoid starchy fruits and vegetables such as bananas
  23. Use fresh herbs and spices daily
  24. Avoid dried fruits, due to the sugar concentration
  25. Eat raw foods every day
  26. Avoid “Reduced Fat” or “Lite” foods, as fat is replaced with sugar.
  27. Process and cook food minimally

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