Dairy dairy everywhere

The last two weeks of searching for dairy free foods has been exhausting. I really never had any reason to pay so much attention to what has some milk product in it and what doesn’t. Milk is pretty much everywhere, whether it needs to be or not.

Today the dairy sneak attack came in the form of feta on a salad I ordered at Glory Days, and some gravy I wouldn’t have wanted in any case on my country fried steak at Galaxy.

I trained this afternoon for the first time in about a month.  I rolled with MikeByrd for about 3 6-minute rounds.  There were no submissions either way.  He knows I’m hurt and I suspect he intentionally went easy.  He attempted a kimura (shock!) and held it through transitions to several positions before letting it go.  That was his only sub attempt.  I attempted 2 straight armbars, both of which MikeByrd successfully defended.  Thinking about it now I know I should have finished both of them.  I was concentrating on getting to the armbar with textbook set up, but once I got to the position it fell apart on me.

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