Current Podcast Feeds

Adam Curry’s Daily Source Code
Bad Science
(Hardly ever updated)
Doctor Jack’s Soapbox Seminars (See my previous post)
Fightworks Podcast
FLOSS Weekly
(Free and Open Source software)
Freethought Radio
Geologic Podcast
The Infidel Guy Show
(Can’t stand IG, I just subscribe for the Bible Geek episodes)
Nature Podcast
No Agenda
Point of Inquiry
(Great free thinking guests pitched softballs by the host)
Science Magazine Podcast
Security Now
The Skeptics’ Guide 5X5
(I can’t stay focused on the long show, but I like this 5 minute version)
Skeptoid (I wish this one was longer!)
Soccergirl, Incorporated
Stephen Fry’s Podgrams
(Rarely updated, and the feed has been broken all week)
Tech 5
This Week in Tech

Links to all of the above.

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