Door-to-door ADT sales

For the first time I can recall in the over 3 years I’ve lived down this gravel road, someone knocked on my door trying to sell me something.  Two women on my porch disturbed the dogs, so I looked out the window to find their car positioned at the end of the driveway, backed in, and running.  It looked like they planned a quick get away.

As I approached the door I saw the two women holding clipboards, and I thought, “Oh PLEASE be here to tell me about Jesus.  Please!”

Only one of them spoke.  She opened her pitch by telling me she was from ADT and was in the neighborhood for a huge ADT promotion due to the recent rash of break-ins in my zip code.  Interesting, since I don’t live in a neighborhood, and there are less than 5000 people in the whole 30 square mile zip code.

Then she went on with some nonsense about OnStar, but later explained what she’s selling has nothing to do with OnStar.  Apparently it was an attempt at an analogy, in case I had never heard of home alarm systems, but was familiar with OnStar.  I’m still a little confused about that part.

She asked to come in my house, and I told her I wasn’t interested a couple of times.  I’m thinking, if you’re concerned about home security, start by not letting strangers in your house.  And besides, I have an absolutely rock solid policy against buying anything offered to me through any sort of cold calling technique.  Knock on my door or call me on the phone and the answer is “No.” No exceptions, no matter how good the deal is.  If I want a new vacuum I will go to and order one.  I don’t sit around waiting and thinking, “Man, I hope today is the day someone knocks on my door offering to sell me a vacuum.  The carpets look terrible!”

She made one more effort by mentioning that the system would protect my dog.  The other lady never said a word, and they left.

Some interesting things about this “sales call”

  • She opened by trying to scare me
  • The positioning of the car was weird, so I was freaked out from the start
  • They never introduced the other lady
  • Her business card says their office is in Fredricksburg, VA (that’s pretty far away)
  • There is a handwritten Maryland phone number on the card (that’s really damn far)
  • She asked me if I had an alarm.  I did not answer.

I microwaved her business card.

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