Lessons of a first time turkey fryer

  • 24 hour brine – highly recommended
  • 14 lb bird +12 people = no left overs
  • 5 lbs of mashed potatoes isn’t very much
  • There are no drippings from deep frying, which complicates gravy
  • Cover during frying, or you’ll never hit the right temperature (350 degrees F)
  • Get the bird to room temp before you drop it in the oil.
  • Don’t actually drop it in the oil
  • If you have an electric fryer read the directions
  • Watch the episode of Good Eats about deep frying a turkey before you do anything else
  • If you’re going through all this trouble you might as well fry two turkeys
  • Peanut oil is ridiculously expensive
  • You need like 4 gallons of oil
  • Test your displacement with water before filling your fryer with oil (Thanks Archimedes)
  • Forget the whole flavor injection thing
  • Fry some other stuff while you have the fryer set up. Experiment.

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