Bloomberg is reporting that the pope predicted our current economic troubles back in 1985.  Now, he was merely a cardinal at the time of this prediction, so this information didn’t come to him through the red phone to god.  His bold prediction was that an “undisciplined economy would collapse.” As near as I can tell he put no date on this prediction, nor did he mention any particular countries that would be in the center of collapse.  He did mention that, “the only solid reality is the word of God.”

As I can’t think of anything else to write about today, I figure I’ll take this opportunity to make some predictions of my own.  Here goes:

The world economy with experience radical change. International borders will be redrawn.  Previously poor countries will be showered in wealth.  Some prosperous countries will slump, while others continue to prosper.  Wars will rage, but later end, to be followed by times of peace.  Large companies will fail, and small companies with new ideas will grow in their place.  Diseases will be cured, but new ones will be discovered.

Mark my words.

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