Successful Hunt

I’m back from seeing family in West Virginia, celebrating Thanksgiving/Christmas combined into one, and doing some deer hunting.  I managed to accidentally dodge the pre-meal prayer by sneaking off to my car to chug some beer and rum with Chrissy’s cousin.  I felt like I was 16 all over again.

As always, it was a successful hunt.  I define that as any time I went hunting and returned safely.  Shooting a deer is optional.  As it turns out, a deer was shot on this trip, and is current in a pot on my stove, in the dehydrator, in the refrigerator, and in my stomach.

I do some of my best thinking when I’m deer hunting.  Hell, there’s nothing else to do!  Unfortunately I can’t take notes while still hunting, since remaining still is a critical element of still hunting.  But it’s a lot of time alone in the freezing cold woods with nothing but your thoughts and an occasional chipmunk.  I think I came up with some topics to blog about out there, if only I could remember them.  Maybe if I go in the backyard and sit in the woods for a while it will come back to me.

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