Past, Future, Sobriety

I occasionally find strange notes I wrote at times when I had reason to believe I wouldn’t remember my thoughts.  Sometimes I find myself in a certain mental state and I get flooded with ideas – or at least it feels like a flood at the time.  They all seem like good ideas to me, but I recognize that I’m not qualified at that moment to tell the difference.  Every now and then a few of these thoughts make it to paper, and I find them months later.  Rarely is there anything groundbreaking.

Today I found some notes I was taking on the difference between “faith” and “trust”.  I remember what spurred the research. It was an episode of the Geologic Podcast.  I looked up the definitions of the words and was comparing them.  But in the middle of my notes I found this:

“Chrissy and I have been together for 10 years. We’ve done so much together and lived so much of our lives together (1/3) that it makes exploring the future together better and more exciting.  We know our pasts, and we’ve lived so much life together. We focus on living now.  Pretty cool. I need to rewrite this in sobriety.”

Having reread it in sobriety, I think it’s just fine.

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