Diagnose This

I’m laying in bed on top of my covers and I feel fine. Not great, but fine. I’m exhausted from a week of being sick, and maybe I have a slight headache, but I’m pretty much fine.

Then I start to feel a pain in my stomach. It’s a sharp pain, and it gets worse and worse for a few minutes. I roll to the side to get off the covers. I know what’s coming next.

I start pulling cover after cover over me (I have a stack of them). Then I start shivering. I’m cold – I mean laying naked in the snow cold. I’m cold to my core. I’m in a heated house, next to a space heater, and under a pile of blankets. And I’m fucking cold.

Eventually (it ranges from a couple of minutes to about 15 minutes) the shaking stops, and I can get an arm out from underneath the blankets to reach for the thermometer. I have a fever.

I lay there for about an hour until I’m soaked in sweat. Fever is gone, and I feel like I’ve been Thai kicked in the head. Joy.

I’ll be fine again in about another hour and after a while we can repeat this whole process.

One other note – my usual lower back pain is amplified about ten times.

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