Some updates

I’m still recovering from last week’s flu, not-flu, flu virus thing. I might have had a fever again last night.  I went to bed completely dressed, including 2 pairs of socks, and with 3 blankets.   Today I’ve mostly just been suffering from a headache and ear pain. A strong dose of Aleve seems to help this quite a bit, but I feel a trip to the Otolaryngologist is unavoidable.

I’m trying to use as much of this down time as possible to watch a lot of BJJ tutorials.  Mostly on the rubber guard, which I don’t use but I’m fascinated with, and the Omoplatta, which I use a lot.  Where the rubber guard meets the omoplatta there may be a whole new world for me.  The spider guard typically provides my opening to the omoplatta, but I’m always looking for new entries.  Between Youtube and my DVD collection there is quite a wealth.

I planned on getting a lot done today.  It’s nice to have plans. Since I was sick all last week I’ve haven’t managed to get much done.  I woke up very early this morning (around 6:30 or 7) to get moving.  Moving hurt my head.  Cox cable did their best to keep me focused by making sure all communications were cut off.  First the phones went out, then the internet, then cable.  I don’t use the phone much, so no major loss.  No internet means no YouTube or Hulu.  Then the cable, meaning no Cosby Show.

Except for the backup internet connection.  Nice try, universe! So, for reasons I’m still trying to understand I watched 28 Days Later on Hulu. If you’ve never seen it, good for you.

I leave you today with a reading assignment – Skepchick’s Top Ten Jackasses of 2008.

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