People seem to freak out when I say this, but until this weekend I had never seen a Batman movie. I’ve never read a Batman comic.  Here’s what I knew about Batman:

  • He wears tights and fights crime
  • Sidekick named Robin
  • Enemy called the Joker
  • Protects the people of Gotham City
  • Sweet car
  • Gadgets on a belt
  • Hangs out in a cave
  • Has an assistant in the cave
  • Same bat time, same bat channel
  • Pow! Bang! Wham!

So this weekend I watched Batman Begins and The Dark Knight.  Both movies felt long.  You know some movies just fly by, and with other you feel each minute passing.  The Batman movies felt long.

The modern telling of the origin of Batman was pretty cool.  I enjoyed the tech in both movies.  The stories in both movies were pretty good. There were details in the story that bothered me, but nothing major.  My biggest problem was the Batman/Bruce Wayne character.

I like the idea a billionaire playboy with no supernatural powers but a whole lot of really cool gadgets flying around in the night fighting crime. As long as it’s Ironman.  Friends have suggested I’m just not a DC guy. This is reinforced by the fact that I’m not a Superman fan either, but I do like the Hulk, Spiderman, and the X-men.  It’s strange at 31 to find out you’re a Marvel guy.

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