Technology – The relationship wrecker

Short version:  Email + Cell + SMS + IM = Nothing left to say

Long version:  Remember this?  Dad comes home from work, takes a shower, goes to the dinner table.  The family gathers for dinner.  Dad asks mom how her day went.  Dad pretends to be interested in a story about ironing and the Young and the Restless.  Dad’s turn.  What is he drinking? Bud light or wine = good day. Scotch = brace yourself.  Then it’s around the table with the kids – what did you learn today?  If the phone rings, nobody answers – we’re having dinner.

Nowadays the wife and I take our dinner plates to the living room and park on the couch in front of the TV.  I sometimes say, “tell me about your day.”  Of course, I already know there’s nothing left to say.  Anything worth saying has already been communicated in real time via Blackberry.

“I had a meeting today – oh, I IMed you about that… we went to lunch at – oh yeah, I sent you a text mesage about that… it looks like the company is going to release a – nevermind, I sent you an email about that… Well you know, it was just another day.  How was your day?”

“You know.”


“Looks like there’s a House rerun on.  It’s the one where it was Lupus.”


Occasionally I don’t send messages just so I have something to say at night.

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