A Few Links

Cutting Stuff
I’ve always wanted a plasma cutter, but just like my desire to link 100 PS3s together to make a supercomputer in my closet, this is something I don’t need and can’t afford.  Well, maybe. This guy built his own plasma cutter for $300 in parts, and provides instructions. Now the question is who doesn’t need a plasma cutter?

Apple Sucks a Little Less
Apparently Apple is dropping DRM from the iTunes music store.  It might be too little too late for us.  When we want music we get it from Amazon.  Along with this they are letting the labels set prices, so they will no longer use the .99/track flat rate.  Some music will go down to 69 cents and some will go up to $1.29.

Congrats, World’s 95th Richest Man
Yes, congratulations on becoming the world’s 94th richest man after Adolf Merckle exited his VW Golf and threw himself in front of an express train in Germany. Nothing about this story makes any sense to me.  The guy lost £1billion, bringing him down to a mere £5billion. But whatever – I don’t care why he killed himself.  I’m more interested in why he drove a VW Golf, and why he picked such a ridiculously violent way to go. The conglomerate he headed was invloved in, among other things, pharmaceuticals.  He could score some kind of pill? Or buy a Jetta?

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