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Pre Answers to Pre Questions
A few of my questions about the Pre have been answered, and there is some speculation about others. First, on the processor – the Pre will have the Texas Instruments OMAP3430.  This thing is sick.  Google it if you want more information, but I’ll just say I’m no longer concerned about the processor.

The touch screen is capacitive, and multi-touch. Woo hoo!

I’m still a little unclear on how the Gesture Area works, because I saw a demo video from CES where someone was using gestures to rotate an image right in the center of the screen, way outside of the Gesture Area.

Palm has announced there will be an app store, so hopefully they are working with some developers to have this thing launch with some good 3-rd party apps.  They claim app dev is really easy in the new WebOS.  It’s either JavaScript, or it’s as easy as JavaScript – that was unclear.

GPS turn-by-turn is not expected to be included standard, but it seems unlikely that Palm will decree, “there shall be no turn-by-turn,” so I’m sure someone will make it.

For the rest, we shall see.

100 Push Up
I started doing this 100 Push Ups plan.  It’s a schedule for building up to being able to do 100 consecutive push ups.  I think the schedule is a little too aggressive, but I’m going to try to follow it.  I haven’t figured out why I’m doing this yet, but I’m trying not to think about it too much so I don’t talk myself out of it.  4 weeks from now I’m going to be great at pushing myself off the floor slightly.

200 Sit-ups
The same guy is developing a plan for doing 200 sit-ups.  I guess I’m going to try this, too.

Yesterday’s Lesson
If something goes terribly wrong in your XP registry and all of the sudden the association with .EXE and .COM files breaks, just go in the registry with regedit.exe and fix it.  Oh, wait – regedit.what?

2010, Year of the Flying Car
No, for real.  A company in Massachusetts says they’ll be selling a flying car next year for $200,000.

Latest Interest – an old one renewed
I installed FreeBSD on a really old PC I pulled out of the closet and I’m reading the docs now. I haven’t figured out why yet, or what I’m going to do with it.

Note to clinzy
As you can see, I have nothing to say today.  Instead of reading my blog, you should update one of yours!

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