The Crunchies

The Emmys, the Grammys, the Razzies, the ESPYs, and now one the first awards I’m interested in – The Crunchies.

GigaOm, VentureBeat, Silicon Alley Insider, and TechCrunch held their second annual award ceremony last weekend “to recognize and celebrate the most compelling startups, internet and technology innovations of the year.”  Reading through the list of winners and nominees was pretty interesting.  I saw some apps I’ve been using regularly, a few I looked at briefly and have since forgotten about, and a few I’ve never heard of.

In the Best Application Or Service category the Crunchie went to an app I use everyday, Google Reader.  I checked out some of the other nominees for this category (MySpace Music (runner-up), Get Satisfaction, Minted, Meebo, Yelp) but none seemed very exciting or useful to me.

Best Technology Innovation/Achievement went to Windows Live Mesh, a product I’ve been hearing about on the TWIT network but haven’t used.  I think it may require Vista.  Don’t know, don’t really care.  I use Facebook, but I really don’t know what Facebook Connect, the runner-up in this category is.  But then, I live in Google, and I don’t know what Google Friend Connect is, either. Google Chrome doesn’t seem very innovative to me.  It’s another Mozilla, but with more security problems.  Oddly, Google took it out of Beta last week. Gmail is still in Beta. Weird. Other nominees – Swype and Yahoo BOSS.  Swype is some kind of text input software for touchscreens.  It reminds me of Graffiti on old Palm Pilots.  Yahoo BOSS (Build your Own Search Service) is Yahoo!’s open search web services platform.

Most Likely To Make The World A Better Place went to GoodGuide, which might be worth taking a look at. Runner up was Kiva, a micro-loan place.  The whole micro-loan idea is pretty cool.

Best Enterprise Startup went to Amazon Web Services, which isn’t a big surprise.  They’re doing some good stuff over there, and a lot of the other little start ups we’re talking about are building their services on the AWS.   Google App Engine was the runner-up. Zoho, and Yammer round out the nominees.  I don’t get Yammer – it seems like it’s just a forum for your business. Zoho is an awesome online office suite.

The Best New Gadget/Device category was wasted on the iPhone 3G. This makes no sense to me.  It’s the original iPhone, with current cell phone technology, like they should have done in the first place.  It’s not a whole new device.  Runner up was the Android G1, another choice I don’t really get. I’m excite about the future of Android, but the G1 just isn’t it. Some of the nominees seem like more exciting devices to me – Ausus EEE 1000 Series, Flip MinoHD, and the SlingCatcher.

Best New Startup Of 2008 went to FriendFeed with Dropbox in the runner-up spot. Best Overall Startup In 2008 (what does that mean?) went to Facebook and Twitter was the runner-up.

Other categories include Best Startup CEO, Best Startup Founder, Best Mobile Application, Best Mobile Startup, Best Time Sink Site/Application, Best Clean Tech Startup, Best International Startup, Best Bootstrapped Startup, and Best Design. But I’m not going to reproduce the whole list here.

note: I didn’t proof-read this post.  I don’t wanna.  I’m Publishing.  You can’t stop me.

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