Cable, you’re dead to me

We finally did it. We joined Netflix. I know, I know – we’re right on top of the latest trends. It’s just that we never felt we needed it. A few things changed recently.

First, we reviewed out bill from Cox Cable and realized how much we’re paying them every month for their awful, awful service. $45/month for the phone that works about half of the time ($5 of which is for voicemail we can’t access.) About $50 for the cable modem that goes down every single day, and about $100 for TV, including their terrible DVR. Yeah, that had to stop.

Tomorrow the Dish Network comes out to install our new set up – Turbo HD. I’m sure I’ll be reporting extensively on how that goes. I have high expectations. We’re not getting a ton of channels, just the Bronze Turbo HD package + Cinemax (free) + local channels.

The phone will be replaced with Skype.

And then there’s Netflix.  It’s only $10/ month for 1 Blu-ray movie at a time and unlimited streaming!  It’s really hard to pass up.  I didn’t realize it was so cheap!  The streaming is what really put us over the top.  We’ve already used to watch two movies – Dan in Real Life and Oceans 11.  We also started watching the series Weeds, which looks promising.

Dan in Real Life – startling revelation: it’s possible to having writing so bad that Steve Carell isn’t funny.  I never would have believed it, but it’s true.

Ocean’s 11 was pretty cool.  It’s my kind of flick.  I look forward to the rest of the franchise, which is in my Netflix queue already.  12 and 13 are not available through the Watch Instantly thing.

One last note – if you join Netflix be prepared to spend a LONG time sifting through the movies.  Not because you have to, but because it’s fun.  It’s a really well designed interface and it’s just fun searching for movies.  I keep going back and adding things to the queue.  I had no idea there were so many things I wanted to see.  I’m finally going to see 24!

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