Wow, I’ve been writing about TV a lot recently.  And it’s pretty much all the same thing – crime drama.  Weird.

A new season of the USA series Psych just started.  Against my better judgement (which was based entirely on the ads for the show) I decided to watch an episode.  Now, I don’t have any time in the TV watching schedule for another show, but I was a little curious.  It looked like it fell into category of show I watch, and it’s called Psych.  I don’t know, I just thought there was something there.

There isn’t.

I wouldn’t have known without going to the USA website, but apparently this show is a, “Comedy Television Series and Mystery TV Show.”  Huh. Interesting.  I didn’t have my contacts in.  Maybe the comedy was really a visual thing.

Anyway, I’m happy to report I did not have to add another show to the DVR schedule.

In other TV news – last night as Chrissy was watching Lie to Me on her laptop I looked over her shoulder a few times to see where in the show she was.  Every time I thought, “oh, this is a good part.”   I was getting drawn back in a little.  This is really strange because I  normally don’t want to watch this type of show again for very long time (until I’ve forgotten significant chunks of the plot.)

Very busy day today.  That is all.

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