It’s Tuesday, so DVDs come out today. I’ve already added Lakeview Terrace and RockNRolla to the Netflix queue. Open Season 2 went straight to video, but I don’t recall watching the first one. The Bourne Trilogy and Groundhog Day come out on Blu-ray today. Groundhog Day is one of the movies I have to watch every time it comes on.  Kind of like The 5th Element, which I have on DVD and Blu-ray.

UFC 94
What’s that you ask? Where am I watching the UFC this weekend? Oh, at the MGM Grand.  Ha! I love that.

Damn lists
So everyone has one of these lists on Facebook now.  You know, 25 things about you or whatever.  I started working on one.  I’ll post it sometime this week.

This is one of those days where Chrissy will say I ripped her off with my blog entry.  I don’t always have something to say.

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