Busy Day

I’m trying to get the week started off right with a really productive Monday, so unlike Friday’s entry on my recent trip to Las Vegas, this really will be a short one.

Some things that have caught my attention in the last few days:

An Introduction to Primes and Proofs – I’ve only read the intro so far, but this looks interesting. I’m terrible at math, which is unfortunate, since I really like it.  Also, as I’ve mentioned I’m pretty in to physics, which is hard enough already without being terrible at math.  [Update – 9/03/09 – The link to An Introduction to Primes and Proofs no longer works.]

Amazon officially announced the Kindle 2 today. Hooray!  Of course, it’s pretty much exactly what Boy Genius Report said it would be.  They made some improvements, but mostly ones I don’t care much about – more memory (the original Kindle has an expansion slot, so I’ve never had an issue with storage), 16-level gray scale instead of 4 (okay), and faster page turning (well that’s pretty nice.)  But really the only think I don’t like about the Kindle is the shape.  I mean, there’s is no good way to hold it.  I know they’ve changed the shape, but until I get one in my hands I wont’ really know if they fixed it.  From what I’m seeing this doesn’t really feel like a 2.0.  More like a 1.5. This is kind of like going from Windows Vista to Beta 7.

One more thing about the Kindle – this is kind of funny.  Apparently if the New York Times stopped printing the paper and gave all subscribers a free Kindle it would SAVE money.  A lot of money.  Article in Fast Company.

Also from BGR, I see Blackberry is going to do it again – and by that I mean the Blackberry 9300 (Gemini) looks exactly like every other Blackberry.  It’s pretty much a grey Curve.  Looks like it will be quad-band GSM, meaning it’s another AT&T phone.  And in other cell phone news can you believe Helio is coming out with an Ocean 2? I mean, did you know Helio was still in business?

I would like to learn more about John von Neumann, so for starters I’ve added this book to my Amazon wish list:  Prisoner’s Dilemma by William Poundstone.  It’s not on the Kindle, but I did click the “I’d like to read this book on Kindle ” button.

I’m working on a new format for my blog that I hope will make it easier for me to write and more interesting for any potential readers.  Some days I just struggle from something to write about.  If I can work out the details I might start the new format next week.  Also, I’m considering a members-only area where I can get in to topics I’m might not want to speak so openly about, but only if I can work out a way to do that which isn’t annoying.  I know I can’t stand having a username and password for every freaking site out there.

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