Movie Day

Released today –

The Foot Fist Way
The Back to the Future trilogy

The Boondock Saints (Staring BJJ Black Belt and generally cool dude Sean Patrick Flannery)
Donnie Darko (Sequel in Post-production)
Raging Bull (Martin Scorsese, Robert De Niro, ‘nough said.)
The Rundown (The Rock, mindless ass-kicking.)

I recently watched The Nines, Ocean’s 12, and Be Kind Rewind.

The Nines is about Berg from “Two Guys, a Girl and a Pizza Place” and his… well, I can’t say much without ruining the story. It’s a strange one.  It kind of has the feel of something M. Night Shyamalan would write.  It has one of the worst taglines ever – “Y9u never kn9w when y9ur number is up.”

Ocean’s 12 – Okay, I know I’m years behind on this, but I hadn’t seen Ocean’s 11 until last month when we joined Netflix.  We’re getting caught up.  Anyway, Ocean’s 11 was a great heist flick.  Ocean’s 12 sucked.  I couldn’t believe it.  The whole time I was alternating between thinking, “What are they talking about now?” and “Do I even want to watch the rest of this?” It really made me wonder if I want to see Ocean’s 13.   One IMDB commenter said about Ocean’s 12 it, “Leaves you pining for ’11’.”  Well said.  The whole story from the start is dumb, and based on something no group of criminals (or any other people) would do in the first place.

Be Kind Rewind.  I woke up early Saturday morning and this was on the DVR, recorded off Cinemax.  I figured Jack Black, Mos Def, should be pretty funny.  I’ll watch it even if Danny Glover is in it. I had some idea of what it was about, and I decided to watch it anyway.  That’s 102 minutes I can’t get back. Oh well.

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  1. LMB said that each Oceans movie gets progressively worse, but it’s worth watching for Brad Pitt’s wardrobe. Consider the source here.

    Also, the tagline for The Nines is utterly meaningless. The more I think about that movie, the more I liked it, though.

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