Burning out

Burning Out
I haven’t missed a day on this blog since I started adding to it regularly on weekdays last November. I came close yesterday because I just forgot. But I’m burning out. I planned on working on a new format to help with that but it’s still under construction. I felt like I had a lot to say, but that’s just not true every day.

A few weeks back I asked if ultracapacitors would change everything.  5.11 Tactical seems to have answered the question. Now, I know I have a thing about flashlights.  I can’t explain it, I just love flashlights.  I carry 2 in my laptop bag. I particularly love tactical flashlights.  Not because they are tactical (seriously, I don’t even watch 24) but because they are better.  And that was before the 5.11 Light For Life. This thing really does change everything.

  • In just 90 seconds, your Light for Life™ UC3.400™ will be fully charged and ready to produce another 90 minutes of light.
  • The Light for Life™ contains no batteries, but rather a proprietary energy management system that utilizes revolutionary ultracapacitors and computer circuitry.
  • The system is rated for 50,000 charge/discharge cycles (one a day for more than 135 years.)
  • 3 LEDs rated for more than 50,000 hours (that would be 40 hours a week for more than 24 years)

The battery is dead.  Long live the ultracapacitor.

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