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Another Flashlight!
I can never resist a new flashlight! I’m seeing on some tech blogs and on Flashlight News that Bushnell has a new light called the HD Torch that projects a square beam of light, eliminating the ring-in-ring effect for dark circle in the center of the beam.  Pretty good idea.  Oddly I’ve been unable to find it on Bushnell’s site, so it might not be out yet.

Facebook TOS
As I write this Google News has over 72,000 results for the search term “Facebook.” Facebook knew when they updated their terms of service that they couldn’t get away with it.  Sure, if they want to own everything on their site they will, when the new new TOS comes out in the next few weeks.  But did they really think they could own everything on www.nytimes.com just because the Times links to facebook?  Of course not.  The whole thing is a shame, and we’re suckers for even talking about.  So I’m done.

A Kilosteve!
Project Steve signed up its 1000th Steve – Dr. Steve Darwin (no relation). He’s a professor of ecology and evolutionary biology at Tulane University.  Project Steve is a list of scientists named Steve or Stephanie (and some other variations) who publicly support evolution.  The project is named in honor of Stephen Jay Gould, and aims to poke fun at the lists creationists make of scientists who doubt evolution.  “Steves” represent roughly 1% of Americans.

New Sidekick
It appears the Sidekick 2009 AKA Sidekick Blade has been spotted in the wild.  I’m a little less excited about Sidekicks since Microsoft bought Danger, but I sure do miss the SK II’s keypad.  There’s just nothing else like it.  Apparently there’s a new Danger OS, but the latest SK looks exactly like every other one.  Supposedly it’s thinner, but there’s no way to tell that from the pic on hiptop3.com.

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