Slow movie day

On Tuesdays I try to report on DVD releases, but this week there isn’t a lot to talk about. The most exciting release this week is Akira on Blu-ray. This was the first anime movie I ever saw.

Kung Fu Panda confirmed my idea that Dreamworks Animation is the anti-Pixar. Almost every Pixar movie I’ve seen was great, except Ratatouille, which was just okay. On the other hand, every Dreamworks Animation movie I’ve seen, expect for Shrek, was terrible. And I mean Shrek, as in the first one – not Shrek Two, Shrek the Third, or the upcoming and mercifully last, Shrek Goes Fourth.

I haven’t completely given up on Dreamworks though.  Bee Movie is in the Netflix queue, and I really do think it will be funny.  And I might be interested in Monsters vs Aliens, but I’m not sure about that yet.  Maybe if there’s someplace around here showing it in 3-D.  As far as 3-D movies are concerned I’m much more interested in Coraline.  I haven’t seen a movie made with the current generation of 3-D tech yet.

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