A Few Random Bits

I normally stay on top of big businesses in the US, but somehow I didn’t realize until this morning that there is this thing called MillerCoors.  It’s still not entirely clear to me what it is.  It’s not a merger, just some sort of partnership for US distribution. Sounds very strange to me.

Have you ever really tasted oregano? I mean, it’s in all sorts of stuff, but have you ever tasted in on its own? It’s pretty gross.  I mentioned this to a friend a week or so ago and he asked how I determined this.  Isn’t it obvious? I was standing in the kitchen tasting each of the spices one by one, of course.

Don’t say, “in these economic times…”  That doesn’t mean anything.

Also, don’t say, “you do the math.”  It’s annoying. Do your own math. Jackass.

When you really boil it down I only ever hear one justification for creationism – there is life, science can’t explain or duplicate the origin of life, therefore – Magic Man in the Sky.  Wow.

If it’s 110 degrees outside don’t tell me it’s a “dry heat.”  110 is fucking hot, dry or not.  And the same thing about cold, although I don’t recall if people ever say, “dry cold.”

-40 degrees Celsius = -40 degrees Fahrenheit. True story.

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