The week leading up to a tournament is always crazy stressful. There’s no more time to procrastinate.  Even with everything seemingly on schedule there’s a ton left to do.  That makes long, detailed, well researched blog entries a luxury I can’t afford.

Recently more of my friends have started blogging, and others have been talking about starting blogs.  Some have asked me what they should blog about.  It seems strange to me when I’m asked that question because after 102 entries I haven’t landed on a topic yet.  I have a few topics I return to from time to time (movies, TV, podcasts) and a few I plan on writing about more (business, media hacking, things that piss me off) but there’s no real theme other than, “Stuff I’m thinking about.”

So I tell people who are considering starting a blog to just do it.  Register an account with WordPress, or another such service, or if you own a domain install WordPress.  Familiarize yourself with the service and how RSS works.  Then just start typing. Write about things you’re interested in, a hobby,  sport, or cause you’re involved in, or something you’re willing to spend time researching.

In my case my longer blog entries tend to be the result of a lot of web research.  They are about topics I’m interested in, so I figure if I’m going to spend the time reading about it I might as well pull all the info together for other people to read.  I’ve stayed away from certain “hot button” issues that I’ll probably address in the future.  I also do not write about Brazilian Jiu Jitsu very often because I’m really not sure what I could say that would be in any way interesting.  Does anyone want to know how many arm bars from the guard I drilled today?

For me this whole blogging thing only started as an excuse to use WordPress.  I was really impressed with how it worked, and I wanted to use it.  It just kind of grew from there.  I have some plans for things I might do in this space in the future, but for now I’m just going to continue daily rants of little to no consequence.

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