More on location based services

So now I can’t stop thinking about all the things a phone could automatically do based on your location.  The way I’m picturing it now the phone has access to a map which has definable regions.  When you get the phone the map is already filled out with generic regions (Highway, Library, School, State Park, Arena, Ocean, airport, etc…)  You can define your own regions or change the defaults.  Each region has its own behavior assigned, which you can change. Behaviors are triggered by your location (as determined by GPS, triangulation, or whatever), time of day, and other factors such as weather, your speed, calendar events, etc.

Now for some examples:

Pull into your drive way and your phone becomes the touchpad to disable your house alarm.

Walk into a library and your phone switches to silent mode.  It pulls up your Amazon wishlist. It launches the library’s card catalog system.

Pull into an airport and it checks flight delays.

Drive on the highway and checks traffic reports.

Walk in to a restaurant and it checks reviews and health department reports.

Pull into a shopping center and your shopping list launches, with the items available in that shopping center highlighted.

There’s really no limit.  These are just the first few ideas that popped in my head.  And this has to be done right – these things can’t just pop up and get in your way when you’re doing something.  I can see this stuff popping up in a translucent window that you can grab and pull to the foreground if they are helpful to you.  That’s going to require multitasking, so I guess this isn’t going to happen on an iPhone!

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