One event ends and three more begin.

We’re just getting things wrapped up from last weekend’s Dominion Grappling Championships 3. As I mentioned before, the full brackets from that event are online now.  As that winds down we’re ramping up for the triple whammy of April 25 – Submission Only 3, May 2nd – George Pendergrass No Gi Classic, and May 9th – Copa Nova.  Total madness!

On a completely unrelated note I want to take a minute to point out the awesomeness of Squarespace.  If WordPress made me wish I was a blogger, Squarespace makes me wish I was professional blogger. There are some things I don’t like about it – it’s a hosted service, it’s proprietary, you can’t download it and run it on your own hardware (they are arrogant enough to say that would ruin it),  there’s not much you can do to add functionality, as near as I can tell there will never be a community of people building extensions for it, and it doesn’t have a shopping cart.

But you have to see what it does do to appreciate it.  Just the way it handles templates and the drag and drop controls in the admin panel make me want to set up a squarespace site.  There’s a good video on the site showing some of it.

If you’re considering starting a blog and don’t already have server space somewhere go check it out. I think the cheapest package is like $8 / month.

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