Audiobooks & Podcasts

I normally listen to one or two audiobooks per week, but I’m a little off the pace recently.

I started listening to the Adam Corolla Podcast, which is about 1 hour every weekday.  I’ve also been listening to Search Engine with Jesse Brown, which airs on CBC Radio (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation), and StarStuff with Stuart Gary on ABC Science (Australian Broadcasting Corporation).  And of course No Agenda is now twice a week.

Listening to Atlas Shrugged also knocked me off my normal pace.  It took me about 2 weeks to get through that.  It’s a great story which I may read one day if I’m able to get it on the Kindle.  If I had known what it was about I would have read it a long time ago.

I’m now listening to Consider The Elephant by Aram Schefrin.  It’s been on my iPod for months, and for some reason I’ve just been going around it and bumping other things to the top of the queue.  I’m nearing the end of Chapter 7 now and I’m glad it finally got to the top of the queue.  It’s a neat story and an above average production for a podiobook.  Also, a lot of it takes place here in the RVA, which is cool.  I think I should read more Historical Fiction.

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