3 sites to help you take ownership

A little more on the theme of taking ownership of your stuff.

Here are three sites you could spend countless hours sifting through finding ideas (and instructions) on how to build things, improve things you already have, or put them to alternative uses.

Hackaday – Yesterday we talked about Apple’s “authentication chip” nonsense.  It’s even worse in the new Shuffle because all the controls are in-line on the headphones.  So you’re stuck with Apple’s headphones until a third party comes along (with Apple’s permission) and makes an alternative. Well, unless you have a soldering iron, that is.  First take a look inside the new Shuffle, then watch this homo cut up a couple of pairs of headphones. “This is a great example of something to show kids. It’s not too difficult and teaches them that if we’re not happy with something, we can hack it.”

Lifehacker – One of the more useful things about Lifehacker is the way it’s organized in to Tags, each with their own RSS feed.  Dig around the site for a while and find the sections interesting to you and subscribe to the feeds.  Downloads, Google, Cever Uses, DIY, and Firefox are a few I like to check out.

Instructables – Instructables provides downloadable instructions for projects in a wide variety of categories.  Recently I’ve been looking into some gardening ideas in the Outdoors section, I’m trying to bake “Artisan Bread“, and I’ve even been reading a little about wind power in the Green section.

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