Incredible Shrinking Msg Size

It’s bn a long time since ive had a mobile phn that dnt have a qwerty keypad.ive a blackberry now,before that the tmobile wing,before that I did a few trials w/sum phones I dnt lk-AT&T Blackjack,tmobile dash,helio ocean.Before that I had a Sidekick II(still a favorite.I still miss that keypad.)I don’t even remember wht I had before that,but now we’re going back before I was a regular user of text messages.thr was a time when I used my mobile phn primarily 2 carry my voice over large distances.Seems strange now.

But since ive always had a qwerty as long as ive bn texting ive nevr felt the need 2 shrtn anything I type.My text messages generally contain complete sentences w/proper grammar,spelling,punctuation,&capitalization.Well,sometimes I slack a little on the capitalization,& I don’t always use apostrophes-altho that’s not b/c I forget or don’t know how 2 use them,I just don’t think we need them.

So I went along 4 a few years typing long,clear,easy 2 read text messages w/ no wrd shortening or 80s l33t haxor BS.When I was a happy Sidekick user I could type messages as long as I wanted b/c if U hit the 160 char limit of a single SMS msg it automatically appended a second msg(and third,fourth,etc…)It also automatically reassembled messages if U received a multi-text msg.When I got my current phn,the Blackberry 8830,I was surprised 2 find it doesn’t have that feature.When U hit the 160 mark a msg pops up saying,”Field Full.”& so the shortening began.

& then along came twttr.As if the 160 char limit wasn’t bad enough,now everything had 2 be shortened once again 2 140 characters.

So 2 recap-text msg limit size 2 years ago=Unlimited.1 year ago=160 characters.2day=140 characters.Hmmm.ths is a bad trend.

msg shortened by Tweetshrink.

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