Everything seems hard

With the one exception of this (WordPress) blog, every time I try to do something on the web I end up discovering it’s 1000 times harder than I expected.  I don’t understand how the web got so big so fast when it’s so hard to build good sites.

I bet I’ve filled out thousands of forms on the web.  Forms are everywhere online, and they’re pretty much the only way websites have to gatehr data.  So since the whole form thing has been done a million times you’d think it would be pretty easy to build a form, right? Well it ain’t.

Sure, it’s simple to build an html form, but that doesn’t do anything.  It provides a place for people to answer your questions and a Submit button, but what happens when they press Submit? Nothin’.  For form validation in the browser you need to know some JavaScript.  You can use something like jQuery’s libraries to help with that.  To make the form dynamic you’ll need some more JS, and some CSS.

Now you’ve got a fancy form with fields that check to make sure the user entered valid data and questions that pop up based on answers to previous questions.  Sweet. So what happens now when someone presses the Submit button? Nothin’.  Now you need something on the server, like PHP, to write this data into a database like MySQL.  And you need some interface for getting the data back out of the database.

So, learn html, javascript, CSS, PHP, and MySQL and you can build a form on the web.  Again I ask, how did the web get so far?

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