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If you’re going to buy a slow-cooker, it’s going to be a Crock-Pot by Rival.  It’s the original slow-cooker, and it really owns the market.  That’s an example from yesterday’s discussion on Proprietary Eponyms. But some brands manage to own their respective markets without having the brand’s name become synonymous with the broader class of products.  They are simply the recognized leader – so much so that you may not even be able to name a competitor.

How many times do buy something only to have it break after a couple of dozen uses, then replace it with the same brand, over and over.  Normally you break that cycle and move on to a different brand, right?  Yet somehow Oster gets a pass here.  Most people only use their blender a couple of times a year, and typically to crush ice.  A blender can only crush but so much ice before it gives up the ghost.  I guess we just accept that crushing ice is a lot to ask, and you’re going to have to replace them from time to time.  After a long night of crushing ice for margaritas my dead Osterizer invariably gets replaced with another Osterizer.

If you’ve ever canned food before you know who makes Mason jars.  I’m sure there are lots of companies, yet it’s the cursive Ball logo that just popped in your head.  If not, you must have thought of Kerr.

When I need kitchen matches I get Diamond.  I don’t think I’ve ever bought any other type.  Diamond makes other things, like lighters and plastic cutlery, but it’s the Strike Anywhere matches that I always associated them with.

If I asked my poker playing friends about playing cards a bunch of brands would come to mind – Bicycle, Bee, Aviator, Hoyle – but they are all brands of the United States Playing Card Company.

If someone calls you Mr. (Something) you must be pretty darn good at it.  Or at least that’s what we should believe.  Personally I’ve never had much luck with Mr. Coffee’s pots, but that’s great marketing.  And they did invent the automatic drip coffeemaker afterall.   What ever happened to Mrs. Tea? Now they make Mr. Coffee Iced Tea Makers. Why would I want Mr Coffee to make my tea?

I don’t know anything about fishing, but I know who makes fishing line – Stren. They were the first to make nylon fishing line and they’re still the number one brand.  DuPont created Stren 2 decades after they invented nylon. Now Stren is part of a family of other fishing products with names I’m familiar with such as Abu Garcia and Ugly Stik.

Owning any one of these brands would be a great way to make money.  Owning every one of these brands, as the Jarden Corporation of Rye, New York does is an even better way to make money.  But Jarden knows the very best way to make money – they make money.  Jarden supplies the United States Mint and the Royal Canadian Mint with copper plated zinc penny blanks, as well as plated steel and zinc for coinage in other markets.

Now that’s making money.

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  1. Speedo is an example of a brand that takes over the actually name of the product. Speedo’s are a brand of male swimming briefs, but people refer to all brands of swimming briefs as, Speedo’s.

  2. Very interesting!

    Another example would be the Post-it note. There are other brands that make little sticky note pads, but they are all referred to as post-its.

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