Small victories

My dad introduced me to chess when I was a child, and at least in my memory, he was always available to play a game with me.  I don’t remember the exact first lesson, but I do remember being new enough to the game to be uncomfortable with the movements.  I would occasionally have to be corrected while attempting an illegal move.

Around the same time I was introduced to chess my dad brought home our first computer – the Commodore Vic 20.  I could probably write 50 blog entries on my experiences with the Vic 20 (and maybe I will) but it’s one particular memory that came to mind today that I wish to share.

We had Chess on one of those ugly beige cartridges you could buy, and I played it constantly.  I spent countless hours in the basement trying to best the computer.  If you tried to make an illegal move it put your piece back where it started and made a “bong-bong” noise.  I normally played in silence,  except for the occasional reminder from the system that I had attempted some invalid.

I don’t remember how long it took, but eventually I figured out what was allowed to go where.  Maybe it took a couple of days or something.  I remember being a little confused because the pieces on the screen looked different than the ones in our set.

I played a game against the computer and when it drew to a close I realized I hadn’t attempted any illegal moves.  The Vic 20 didn’t need to play its warning sound for the entire game. I was ecstatic and ran to tell my dad.

It was a small victory, but sometimes those are the important ones.  I was reminded of that story this afternoon when I wrote about 100 lines of VB code in a text editor and it just ran the first time through with no errors.  I fully expected the debugger to pop up with some syntax error.  Another small victory.

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  1. GOOD JOB!

    I remember when my grandfather taught me to play checkers; and then the first time I beat him. He got so mad! I was so happy that I beat him and sad that he was mad all at the same time.

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