A Question for BJJ Competitors

As I mentioned yesterday, the week leading up to a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu tournament is crazy and hectic.  The staff of US Grappling is firing off dozens of emails, making phones calls, confirming reservations, buying supplies, making copies, etc…

When an event winds down on Saturday (or Sunday) evening most grapplers head home with another tournament behind them.  For us, we’re just past the halfway point.  Mats have to be returned home.  Things we rented like the truck, PA, tables, chairs, etc have to be returned.  Results (full brackets) have to be entered into the computer and uploaded to the web.  Our website has to be updated.  There may be customer service issues to resolve.  There’s accounting to do, and a staff to pay.  The work continues for several days.

Of course, there’s always something to do to at US Grappling, not just before and after events.  Event planning may begin as early as a year before the event. And beyond the events there are constant discussions about rules, referee certification, pricing, merchandise, video, and the web.  The work of US Grappling never ends.

Here’s my question – is this stuff of interest to competitors?  Would you want to read a separate blog, written by the staff of US Grappling, explaining what we’re putting in to our events, what we’re planning, what we’re thinking about, etc?

It would be hosted over on usgrappling.us, and could also serve as an feedback mechanism for grapplers. We’re constantly seeking feedback (good and bad) from the competitors and spectators.

Leave a comment here if you think this is something you’d want to read.

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  1. I’d probably read it, but it might be best left behind the scenes. You don’t want to give any trade secrets away in the blog; and that is the interesting part.

    I would reccomend doing surveys at the events. I think this will give you good feedback, both positive and negative.

    Questions you may want to consider asking besides the obvious what went right?, what went wrong?, and how could we have handled the “wrong” differently?:

    What merchandise vendors would you like to see at our events? How much would likely spend if the vendors were at the venue? Would you be more willing to buy merchandise if it were customized for the specific event?

    How many teammates did you have competing today?

    These are a few questions that I would consider asking on a survey. I am sure that you could think of a million more…

    BTW- I think US Grappling does an exceptional job at organizing and running tournaments. They get better and better every time.

  2. Quite honestly, I don’t think I’d be interested in that sort of read as a whole separate blog. A few posts on twitter/blogs will be good though 🙂

  3. @Big Jus – Surveys are coming soon. Those are some good questions. The difference is the blog is two-way. You’re right about the insider info – it would be a careful balance. We’d also have to make sure that if we’re discussing running an event on a certain date in a certain venue it doesn’t become a rumor. We don’t want bad info floating around because it was released too early. But remember our whole thing is that we are grapplers running tournaments for grapplers. It’s a circuit for the competitors. The one-way feedback surveys will provide is good, and we’ll be taking advantage of that soon – but beyond that we want to have a continuing conversation with our community. We don’t want US Grappling to be a black box. If you attend a US Grappling event you are part of US Grappling.

    @Ivan R. – Are you following us? http://twitter.com/usgrappling We’re trying to us it more frequently, not just to update people on what’s going on inside US Grappling, but also on some of the more interesting things we find around the grappling scene. Thanks for the input.

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