Why doesn’t this ever happen?

Fourth down, deep in the red zone.  Down by 4 points in the 4th quarter, 6 seconds on the clock.  One play left to either win or lose the Superbowl.  80,000 screaming fans drowning out the Quarterback’s thoughts.  200 million people sitting on the edge of their couches. Bookies and gamblers from coast-to-coast anxiously waiting for the hundreds of millions of dollars to change hands. The Quarterback feels the weight of the world on his shoulders.  The offensive coordinator calls for a running play, right through the middle.  They break from the huddle. It’s now or never.  Sensing blitz the QB audibles for a short slant play to put the ball in the endzone.  “Hut-Hut-HIKE!”

Sneezing fit.

The Center, still holding the ball, is demolished by the blitzing defense as the Quarterback rattles off 5 consecutive sneezes.  The clock runs down.

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  1. HA! Not sure why it doesn’t happen, but that guy might get murdered by someone for losing that game.

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