I finished Scott Sigler’s Podiobook The Rookie.  This is a great story, as I’ve come to expect from Sigler.  It’s about football 700 years in the future.  I’m not into football, but that doesn’t really matter.  In fact there are little bonus episodes explaining the basics of football. I’ve listened to at least a dozen Podiobooks, and I think this one is the best production I’ve heard so far.  There’s a whole cast of people reading this book and playing different parts, plus Sigler uses some digital trickery to change his voice for some characters. I’m looking forward to the sequel, “The Starter”.

I highly recommend all of the Scott Sigler books and podcasts. Check out BloodCast Season 1 and Season 2 for some great short stories. I’ve mentioned Ancestor, Infected, and Earthcore here before but I’ll just link to them one more time.  These are all great stories that you can listen to for free.  Infected already has a sequel.  Sequels are planned for Ancestor and Earthcore.  If you’re not familiar with his stuff yet it’s sort of hard-science fiction horror.  Give one of them a shot even if you don’t think that genre will do much for you.  You might be surprised.

Today I started Capitalism: The Unknown Ideal by Ayn Rand in unabridged audio. I was expecting this to be boring but so far it’s surprisingly interesting.  There are  lot of references to Atlas Shrugged, which I really enjoyed.

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