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Yesterday I talked about my first experience in an Advanced No Gi division.  Well, it looks like my next time fighting Advanced will be in about a year – maybe at the next Pendergrass No Gi.  Yup, I’ve been demoted to Intermediate!

Okay, it’s not really that I personally have been demoted, but US Grappling has changed the times for No Gi skill levels.  Advanced now starts at 5 years.

Adult Divisions (Men and Women)
Novice: Up to 9 months (white belts only).
Beginner: Up to 2 years (white belts only).
Intermediate: 2 – 5 years, or blue belt.
Advanced: Over 5 years, or purple belt and above.

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  1. @Big Jus

    We made this change to try to bring the skill levels more in line with where the sport is today. 10 years ago in most small to medium sized cities most BJJ instructors were blue or purple belts. There was hardly anyone around who had been exposed to the sport for more than a few years.

    Now you can go to even a little local tournament and you will see a handful of Black belts walking around. There’s a whole new tier of American grapplers now, and we think this is a more realistic division of skills.

  2. There’s not enough women for that division though. We are years behind men in numbers and time on the mat. 🙁

  3. So are people now allowed to go back to intermediate even though they have been competing at advanced divisions if they fall within the new guidelines?

  4. @Big Jus

    Yes. In your case you could register as Intermediate now, or you can stay in Advanced if you want to use the Advanced submissions. But you won’t be able to bounce back and forth from tournament to tournament.

  5. Have faith, Jen! We’re not as far behind as you might think. I think that the women are going to step up. I bet half the guys drop back down (I’m looking at you, Big Jus) and the women stay right where they’ve always been.

  6. I only do old mAn divisions anyway, so I will stay advanced. Where’s the confidence Chrissy? I’ll kimura you if your not careful… 🙂

  7. I forgot to mention the old man divisions changed, too:

    30+ Men
    Beginner: Up to 2 years
    Intermediate: 2 – 5 years
    Advanced: Over 5 years

    They’re the same as the adult divisions, but without the Novice skill level.

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