Status: Normal

Three tournaments in three weeks is freaking crazy.  But, it’s behind us now.  Things are returning to normal and focus is shifting to our next series of events.  There’s never a rest.  We will continue to raise the bar.

My health seems to be stabilizing, which maybe be largely due to the chemically induced sleep I’ve been enjoying for the last couple of days.  My appetite has returned, so I’m at a critical point here – I can’t let it get away from me or I’ll pack a bunch of weight back on.  Fortunately I think I’ll be returning to a regular training schedule this week.  I hear it’s closed guard month.

US Grappling will be officially announcing a bunch of dates all over the place, so be on the look out for web updates and postcards in the mail.

Check out Goatfury’s blog today for a description of Reaping the Knee.  All competitors and refs really need to understand this important point.

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