Jason Calacanis, CEO of, founder of Weblogs, Inc, and former editor and CEO of the Silicon Alley Reporter started a new podcast, This Week in Start Ups.  It’s a video podcast, but I subscribed to the audio feed.

So far I’ve only listened to the first episode, an interview with Brian Alvey, CEO of Crowd Fusion.

There were two quick hits I was still thinking about when the show wrapped up.

The first was a quote from Guy Kawasaki, a venture capitalist who was an important factor in Apple’s early success. In his blog, How to Change the World, he made an entry a few years back called, “The Art of Innovation“.  It’s worth taking a few minutes to read the whole post, but the particular quote was,”Don’t worry, be crappy.”

Don’t worry, be crappy. An innovator doesn’t worry about shipping an innovative product with elements of crappiness if it’s truly innovative. The first permutation of a innovation is seldom perfect–Macintosh, for example, didn’t have software (thanks to me), a hard disk (it wouldn’t matter with no software anyway), slots, and color. If a company waits–for example, the engineers convince management to add more features–until everything is perfect, it will never ship, and the market will pass it by.

Simple concept.  Microsoft made billions pushing utter rubbish out the door while Apple struggled to perfect every aspect of each product.  If you’re making a new product, get the product out.  Refine, re-release, keep pushing forward.

The other interesting bit was something Jason said – there are 3 ways to make money – entertain people, save people time, or save (or make) people money.

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