Just Monday

A (scheduled) doubling of a prescription medication I’m taking has left me exhausted. Oddly, I can’t really sleep, despite how tired I am. It’s been about a month since I was slept regularly, so I’ve become quite used to walking around like a zombie all the time. Today was actually a fairly productive day for me.

Yesterday we had another US Grappling referee certification at Revolution BJJ. I had a pretty good time, learned even more about the rules, took some good notes, and had some fun matches during the “live match” section of the clinic.  I got to slam MikeByrd out of a triangle. The ref, Kail, reacted perfectly by warning me not to slam when when I picked him up, telling me I would be DQ’ed, then disqualifying me when I slammed him anyway.  The worked matches are pretty fun.

I found this Flash game called Neon Maze that’s pretty fun.  Waste some time.

I joined GoodReads.  I haven’t completely worked out the advantage of using this site, but it’s kind of a social network for people who read books.  If you join, friend me, or whatever it’s called.  I spent about a half hour digging through book titles – time I guess I could have spent reading. But I think I discovered some new titles to check out, which is always a good thing.

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