Time for some new shows

Bones, House, Numb3rs, Fringe, Lie to Me, The Mentalist, and Dollhouse have all ended for the season.  I assume they’re all coming back next season, but those shows have been the core of our TV watching schedule.

Fox has a new series called Mental starting in a few days.  As near as I can tell they took the script for House and did a find-and-replace for “diagnostician” and made it “psychiatrist”.   That’s a little disappointing, but I’ll give it a shot.

The next season of Burn Notice is starting soon, but I fell behind on this show.  I may have to catch up on hulu, unless they do that stupid thing they do where you can only watch episodes 3, 9, and 12 from season 2.  Who does that?

The last season of Monk is also starting soon.   I’ve never been a regular watcher of that show, but I like to catch an episode here and there.  It’s pretty funny, which is impressive since it only has one joke.  I’m not sure how they pulled that off for so many years.

And then there’s Weeds On Showtime via Netflix streaming.

I think it will be nice to take a break from all the crime drama for a while.  Night after night of decomposing corpses – hey, maybe that’s why I haven’t been sleeping recently.

2 thoughts on “Time for some new shows”

  1. Psych is pretty good also.

    Burn Notice is awesome. I watch it on Hulu. Come to think of it, I don’t really watch TV anymore, I only watch shows on Hulu. Thanks alot jerk! It’s all your fault for telling me about Hulu in the first place.

  2. Ha! Sorry about that! You know if you talk to me for a more than a couple of minutes there’s going to be a few URLs in the conversation.

    I have a love/hate relationship with hulu. I like what they’re doing, and I understand that sometimes they get strong-armed into bad decisions by the networks, but all I care about is the end result. Sometimes their episode selection is just plain stupid, and the disappearing episodes can be frustrating.

    I watched two episodes of Psych but I just couldn’t get into it. I think it was too goofy.

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