Some people say they don’t run unless someone is chasing them.  I don’t care if you do chase me, I ain’t runnin’.  But I’ve always felt that some kind of roadwork is an important part of fitness, and fat burning in particular.

I have a sort of unofficial goal of reaching 220 lbs before a time still to be determined.  I guess setting a target date would be helpful, but this way I can’t fail – I just remain in a permanent state of “goal not yet achieved.”  I picked 220 because I think it’s realistic (15 pounds) and because it’s the cut off for Heavy Weight in US Grappling’s rules (well, 219.9).

Anyway, the closest I can come to roadwork is time spent on my bike.  I put in a solid 30 minutes today maintaining a good pace the whole time.  The battery on my bike’s computer is dead, so I don’t know how far I went.

Last year I posted 27 Rules for Diets (which I don’t follow) on this blog. To help me reach my goal of 220 I’m going to start enforcing just the first of these rules – “No calories from beverages.”  I’ve never been a soda drinker, but I occasionally drink fruit juice and I love sweet tea.  Fortunately I also like unsweetened tea quite a bit.

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