The secret to my lack of success

You know what’s funny?  The look you get when you walk off the mats after armbaring someone in a white belt match, and their spouse says, “how long have you been training?” and you reply, “a little over 4 years.”  Priceless.

People often wonder how I’ve managed to hold on to this white belt so long, even though they always see me around.  The answer, I believe, is my inability to create routines in my life.  I have no idea how people intentionally make routines.  I understand how they develop on the their own,  or out of necessity – I eat 3 meals a day, I feed the dogs, I play Mafia Wars, etc…  But I didn’t set out to create those routines.

Every time I try to get serious about training BJJ and making sure I’m in the gym at least 3 days a week something goes wrong.  Just as I’m starting to push myself into a routine of training I’ll get sick or injured.  If an injury keeps me off the mats for a couple of weeks I’ll develop a new routine in that time (like watching TV) and I’ll find it difficult to get back into training.  I’ll delay my return from an injury or sickness even longer than needed just out of laziness.

I’m trying to push myself back into one of these “serious about training” modes right now, but already I’m dreading the thought of spending an hour and a half in the car going to and from the gym.  The siren call of the DVR and leather couch beckons…

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