A Rule of Threes

Chrissy and I took a hunter’s safety class in Florida back in April of 2002.  I had to take the class in order to buy a hunting license.  Chrissy was simply gracious enough to sit through the misery with me.  It was taught in a barn in blistering heat.  We spent the whole day Saturday in that barn, then part of the day Sunday.  After that we went out to the range where you had to demonstrate some minimal level of competency with a variety of weapons.

The class was taught by a totally insane retired old man.  We’ll call him Jimmy, because I think that was his name.  I thought he was a pretty cool guy, but bat-shit crazy.  Kind of a tin-foil hat government conspiracy type.

At one point in his lecture he was covering safety equipment.  I’m going to have to paraphrase him here because it was 7 years ago, but he said something like this:  “You’ll want to bring a compass with you any time you’re out in the woods, and you need to learn how to use it.  If you get lost, check your heading with the compass.  Oh, I should warn you that sometimes a compass can fail.  You might get a bad reading.  Okay, so carry 2 compasses with you when you’re in the woods.  That way you can always double check your heading.  Hmm… But then if they show two different things you won’t know which one was right.  Alright, just to be safe, carry three compasses with you. Double check your readings with a second compass, and if they don’t agree check your third.  I guess you could get 3 different readings…hmm…”

Anyway, that was a little wacky, but there’s a kind of a good point buried in there somewhere.

I went to the dentist and was told I had 9 cavities.  This totally floored me.  In fact, I walked out of the dentist’s office that day in nearly a depression. It’s very strange finding out at 32 that you suddenly have cavities number 2 through 10.  On top of that I was told I needed to get some special treatment for my gums right away.  And as if that wasn’t all bad enough, I was told my insurance would only cover a small amount of this work.

Not being in a position to pay for all that work, I just ignored it.  I knew this wasn’t a smart thing to do, but it was just going to have to wait.  About 6 months went by and we got new insurance.  Really good insurance.  I picked a new dentist near my house and in the new insurance network.

I have no cavities and healthy gums, according to my new dentist.

Maybe I need a third dentist.

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