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We checked out the first two episodes of Fox’s new show Mental.  As predicted, they simply took House and made him a shrink and a much less interesting character. He’s a sort of rogue doctor that does crazy things and gets away with them because they work, and because he’s protected by his female boss, the hospital administrator.  Yeah, no thanks.  I think there’s one more season of House left, and then I’ll watch reruns of House instead.

We also checked out an episode of the USA Network’s In Plain Sight, a police procedural about the witness protection program. This show wasn’t bad – it just wasn’t good, either.  It’s just yet another police procedural but without a special hook like they have in Numb3rs, the Mentalist, or Lie to Me.

The big surprise came from a show we had no intention of watching.  We were watching something on USA (maybe Burn Notice) and when it ended neither of us bothered to change the channel.  Instead we both reached for books and left the TV on.  The series premier of Royal Pains started and within a couple of minutes we both put our books down.  This looks like it’s going to be a good series.  Unlike Mental, instead of simply dropping a new character into an established medical drama, they wrote something new and compelling.

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  1. It seems like every sunday the USA network has a House marathon. It seems that I always turn it on during the episode of the 600lb man.

    Royal Pains is going to be a good show. They have good potential for character development and story lines.

    I’m not sure how Burn Notice will turn out this season, but I really like the show so I will be watching faithfully.

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