There’s nothing to do on the web

I remember feeling overwhelmed by the web in the late 90s.  It already seemed so big.  Whenever I was in my car, at work, or watching TV I’d think of a bunch of websites I wanted to check out, or things I wanted to research on the web.  Then at some point I’d find myself sitting at the computer (having dialed in to my ISP) and staring at a blank browser window.

My mind when blank.  I couldn’t think of anything I wanted to see.  There’s always the news sites, but that gets boring.  There’s sports, but odds were I had already seen SportCenter and knew everything I needed to know about sports for the day.  The so-called portals of that time – Yahoo, Excite, Lycos, etc never lived up to the name portal.  Eventually I would disconnect and power down.  Nothing to see here, move along.

Now the web is at least a zillion times bigger than it was then, and it’s interactive. Still, I can’t find anything to do on the web.  Don’t get me wrong, I get all sorts of things done online – I’m talking about when I don’t have a specific task and want to kill time.  TV is great for this.  You can always count on channel surfing to kill an hour here or there, but there’s just no way to properly channel surf the web.

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  1. Agree. I frequently stare at the Google page trying to think of something interesting to do, but it’s hopeless.

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