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There’s some expression in customer service about happy customers telling 2 friends and unhappy customers telling 13.  I don’t remember the exact numbers but it doesn’t matter since someone just made it up.  The point is still valid.

Anyway, I thought I would highlight a few products that to me have been nearly perfect purchases.  These are things I could have paid double for and I’d still feel like I got my money’s worth.

SpyderCo Police Model Knife
This is one of my oldest possessions.  I bought it about 15 years ago.  There’s another expression I don’t completely remember about a good knife being the least effective and most expensive pry bar you’ll ever use.  The point is you should take good care of an expensive knife, use it properly, keep it clean and dry, etc.  Or, just buy a SpyderCo.  For 15 years I have abused the crap out of this knife.  I cut through a 2 X 4 with it once, because I could.  I’ve cut saplings down with it. I’ve pried things open. I’ve cut hundreds of cardboard boxes open with it.  Everything you’re not supposed to do with a knife I’ve done with this SpyderCo.  It’s as good as new.

Casio G-Shock Watch
Kinda like the SpyderCo, it takes all kinds of abuse and keeps “ticking”.  It’s always right (sets to the atomic clock in Colorado every night.) It’s solar powered, and I’ve never seen the charge level drop below “High.”.  It has all the features I need in a watch.

Oakley Straight Jackets
Eventually I loose my Oakleys and I go buy an identical pair.  We go to the Sunglass Hut and I try on a few other kinds, pretending they have a shot, then I get the same Oakleys I’ve been wearing for years.  Once I got them in green.  You have to mix it up a little.

The Classic Bic Light
Okay, maybe this seems weird because they are cheap and disposable, but as far as lighter designs go this is about as close to perfection as you can get.  I’ve owned all kinds of lighters ranging from $.50 to $80.  They’re all crap.  I only buy Bics.

The iPod Classic
I use my iPod every single day, sometimes as much as 10 hours.  I hate to jinx it, but I’ve had no battery troubles or any other problems to speak of.  I’ve looked in to the alternatives, but just like the non-Bic lighters, they all suck.

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