“Stay Awake”

That’s good advice for someone competing in a jiu jitsu tournament.  Recently I’ve excelled at staying awake, night-after-night, despite a battery of medications that are supposed to make me sleep.  But when it was most important that I remain awake, in the middle of a match this weekend, I very nearly took a nap.  I never went went completely out, although the room got very, very small.

The other guy, around 260 lbs, was in my guard when he went for my throat.  I felt pretty good about this because he was making a fundamental error and opening up an arm bar for me. But as I tried to pivot for the arm bar I found I was too late – there wasn’t any more blood going to my brain.

I got confused about what I was supposed to be doing and where I was.  The room was shrinking and the volume of the room had dropped off.  I kind of instinctively framed on his face. I heard him grunt and he let off a little.  Blood rushed back in to my brain.  I couldn’t hold him off with this frame as his whole body was baring down my arms.  The frame slipped and blood to my brain was off again.  I think that happened a couple of times.  Details are sketchy from there, and I guess time ran out.

I was completely spent.

I had about 10 minutes until my next match and received some great advice – “Let’s stay awake this time.”

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