Something about a Wagon

I always forget what the wagon expression is – falling off the wagon? Back on the wagon? And I forgot exactly what it means.  Are you supposed to be on the wagon? It certainly doesn’t sound like a good thing to fall off a wagon, but then isn’t it lame to jump on the bandwagon?

Well, whatever the wagon expression is that people use to mean they’ve gone back to drinking, it applies to me diet-wise.  I had a pretty good thing going with the Zone, but it’s been a constant battle with the carb cravings.  Traveling makes it even tougher, and on top that I haven’t spent a great deal of time in the gym recently.   It all amounts to me putting about 5 of the 15 pounds I lost back on, in addition to a general feeling of lethargy.

But there is good news – after a couple of months of not sleeping more than an hour at a time I’ve slept though the night for 3 consecutive nights.  Horray for sleep.

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